Spot Repair | Minor repairs

Small repairs are the perfect method for small dents or scratches. Inexpensive and fast.

Your advantages with this procedure:

  • Inexpensive painting for minor damage
  • short repair downtimes
  • Quality from a specialist

Glass repair and replacement

We repair or replace your car windows – whether front, rear or side windows.
Smaller stone chips can usually be repaired with a highly transparent synthetic resin – that saves time and money!

Glasreparatur und Glasersatz Glasreparatur und Glasersatz

Dent removal

Dent removal WITHOUT painting and therefore without expensive and time-consuming replacement of parts is state of the art today.
Choosing the right repair method is a prerequisite for fast and inexpensive repairs – not just for damage caused by hail.

Hagelschaden, Dellenbehebung Hagelschaden, Dellenbehebung